How to Get Positive Reviews for Your Online Course

Positive online reviews

Getting positive reviews for your online course is not that much of a difficult task. By following certain tips you can also get positive reviews. Here are some tips for that. Lets hope in.

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1.Give free access to your course to a limited number of users, in exchange for reviews.

2.Ask for positive reviews within your course.

3.Run a contest. Make the reviews part of the contest’s entry requirements.

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The other day, I was reading a sales copy for an online course that was meant to help me succeed at running Teespring campaigns. I couldn’t help but give the shirt selling industry a closer look since I’ve been wanting to give the industry a shot. Everything about the sales copy was great. It has a compelling headline, the problems that the sales copywriter mentioned are spot on, he/she focused on the benefits rather than the product’s features, and he/she even used several other copywriting best practices.

At that point, I was almost ready to click the “Buy Now” button. But before I bought, I wanted to check on what the others had to say about the online course first, just to make sure that it isn’t all sizzle without steak. Interestingly enough, after scrolling at the bottom of the page, I couldn’t see any testimonials or reviews about the course. I even tried Googling it for positive reviews yet I still couldn’t find any reviews about it.

Being the paranoid buyer that I am, I decided to hold off from buying the course. After all, I couldn’t ascertain whether or not what’s in the tutorial is of real value, or if it’s trash. Now here’s a question for you… Do you think I’m the only ones paranoid about buying anything online? Do you think I’m the online one who wouldn’t buy if I don’t see any reviews validating the product’s quality? I’m sure you realize that there are probably millions of other buyers like me who’d rather check out a product’s review first, before buying.

That being said, if you don’t want to miss-out on any potential buyers of your course because you don’t have any positive reviews, allow me to share with you 3 tips that can turn things around for you:

1. Give free access to your course to a limited number of users, in exchange for reviews.

I’ve learned this strategy way back when I used to hang-out at WF (WarriorForum).

I noticed several sellers giving away their products to the first 5 – 10 users in exchange for reviews. True enough, I do see the users sharing their positive online reviews. The sellers will then edit their sales pages a bit by inserting the reviews/testimonials of the users.

Also it is very important to hook the enrollees to your online course. Here are some tips for that.

* Important point –  asking for reviews in exchange for the free access to your course is one thing, but you can take it a step further by asking them not just for positive reviews, but also for shares. That way, your online course will get more visibility and free word-of-mouth endorsements from others.

2. Ask for positive reviews within your online course.

Before you even think about using this strategy, you need to make sure that your online course can add real value to your subscriber’s lives.

Here’s the thing, this strategy greatly banks on the idea that your subscribers are having a blast going through your course. While consuming your content, they need to have the, “Oh man, this is such a goldmine!” mindset. It’s during these situations when you can strategically insert a call-to-action asking them to leave a positive review or a testimonial if they felt that the course is of value to them.

Have you ever enrolled for an online course before? One that you thought was really helping you understand the ropes of what you’re trying to learn? How do you think would you have felt if the author asked you (nicely) to leave a positive review if you enjoyed the course? Wouldn’t you reply saying, “ABSOLUTELY!”?

* Important point – don’t think twice about asking for positive online reviews within your course, if you know that your course is a real problem solver.

Rest assured that your subscribers won’t think badly of you if you asked for reviews since they are in a state of being grateful to you for helping them solve their problems.

Do you know that you can boost your sales for your online course through content marketing which will also give some positive reviews if we provide good content for the customers?

3. Run a contest. Make the reviews part of the contest’s entry requirements.

If your course managed to gain a bit of traction and now have several enrollees, you can then run a contest that’s strictly for them.

Your contest can be about anything. However, the important bit is that you need to make adding a positive review about your course, as one of the requirements for them to join the contest. This strategy can be used to market your online course also. With some modification it can be done easily.

There are several things that you need to consider to be successful when using this strategy:

a. Your contest’s prize should be worth having.

If your audience doesn’t like your prize, then don’t even wonder why they aren’t joining. The best question to ask yourself when trying to figure out what prize to give is, “What’s in it for me?” This is the question that most of your audience are asking themselves. If your prize is a satisfying enough answer to this question, then the chances are good that they’ll join your contest.

b. Make it easy for them to join.

Asking them for a positive review shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for your audience. However, in addition to that, if you ask them to blog about your course, and buy 3 of your other courses just so they can join your contest, don’t expect them to join. If joining becomes too much of a mission for them, they’ll end up becoming overwhelmed.

c. Create awesome copy.

On one of my first paragraphs, I talked about how the writer used some of the best practices of copywriting. You need to do the same when telling others about your contest, otherwise, your message won’t be compelling enough. Here’s a good resource about learning the tricks of the trade in writing a compelling copy.

There are some other tips for building customer trust and getting reviews in an article in Forbes. Do check out that also.

* Important note – be sure to state your contest’s mechanics clearly. Otherwise, your audience might find a way to game the contest. What’s worse, others might feel cheated because you weren’t able to award them the prize due to technical reasons.

What’s next?

Using these 3 tips alone will you get a handful of testimonials or positive reviews for online course. You can then add them to your sales page to give your copy that extra “Oomph!”

Also, you know that teaching online courses is the best way to make passive income. So if you put some effort and make good content with positive reviews you may make a good amount of income from this. Also check out the Guruface trainer jobs provided on our site.

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If there are other strategies that you’d like to share about getting more positive reviews, then please do share them in the comments section below. Cheers!

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