How Can You Boost Sales Of Your Online Courses Using Content Marketing? writes: How do you spread the word about your online courses and grow sales?   There are plenty of modern digital options out there: affiliate marketing, digital advertising, SEO and so on. All of these options help to generate exposure for your brand and awareness about your offerings –  and you should be using them – but eyeballs on your ads do not automatically lead to sales.

Content marketing, in the most simple terms, is generating something of tangible value (in this case content – like an eBook, infographic, etc.) for your target audience that they can use to improve their lives, businesses or practice.    Content marketing is booming in the information age because ads don’t work as well as they used to.

Content marketing is an important way of generating trust in your brand; it makes people more likely to commit to buying from you than if they simply see advertisements or come across your website. While it is definitely more slow-burning than other advertising methods, it can create an aura of trustworthiness around your brand that makes people feel they are buying from a genuinely helpful, interesting and knowledgeable source. It’s an integral part of today’s marketing landscape and is used by companies small and large to build their image as a source of good things.  The article continues @, click here to continue reading

GuruFace Comment: Content marketing is the production and dissemination of interesting content centered around your courses for the purpose of generating inbound leads to your course.   This content could be in the form of videos, e-books, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, case studies, podcasts, webinars, infographics, Q&As, reviews—whatever makes the most sense to bring attention to your course.

Getting started in content marketing is easy, and you do it right away on Twitter for example.   Let’s say, for example, you are trying to promote new course on Twitter.  You can tweet each day about a certain topic covered in the course along with a link to your Guruface Course Page. In one quick step you’ve made it that much easier for users to access your content and enter your conversion funnel.

One of the most useful features of Twitter is the hashtag. It can be especially helpful when looking for the best audience to share your content with online. Each hashtag acts as a unique sort of hub, where people gather to talk about specific topics or events. By simply inserting a particular hashtag into a post, a user can tie their activity to every other Twitter user who is talking or posting about the same topic. Identifying and tracking the hashtags most relevant to your Course will give you access to entire pools of new prospective consumers you might not have otherwise found.

Investigating hashtags such as #[Course Subject] would be a great first step toward connecting with those users who are most interested in your course offerings.   Twitter has a great page on how to get started in content marketing on their platform. Content Marketing on Twitter (click).

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