25 Digital Training Platforms for Businesses [2023]

Adapting to the changing trends and demands every year is critical for businesses to stay competitive. The greatest asset of each business is its employees. A productive and proactive team can make a big difference in all circumstances. Both in economically challenging situations as well as in your business’s digital transformation, the knowledge, abilities, and capacity of your employees’ matter. Continuous learning and reskilling are turning out to be a basic requirement for businesses and organizations to stay updated in a tech-driven industry. You can guarantee this by upskilling and updating their knowledge with time. A digital training platform is a must for businesses of all sizes in that light.   

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Table of Contents

  1. Guruface Training Management System
  2. Absorb LMS
  3. Continu
  4. Learnworlds
  5. iSpring Learn LMS
  6. Blackboard
  7. SkyPrep
  8. 360Learning
  9. SAP Litmos
  10. Pluralsight
  11. Lessonly
  12. EdApp
  13. Clear Review
  14. Docebo
  15. Adobe Learning Manager
  16. SharePoint | sapiens
  17. Graphy
  18. Talent LMS
  19. Coassemble
  20. Bridge
  21. Trakstar Learn
  22. Trainual
  23. Cloud Academy
  24. Cornerstone Learning
  25. WorkRamp

Why a Digital Training Platform?

Earlier, companies used to hire corporate trainers to give training to their employees regularly. When digital workplaces became a norm, physical classroom mode training became a pain, and inaccessible for those users working in remote or hybrid work modes. A digital training platform on the other side guaranteed that anyone can access these training resources from anywhere they want. In this blog post, we are introducing the top 25 digital training platforms available for business in 2023.

This list is created by assessing the features, usability, and price of these training management platforms.

1.   Guruface Training Management System

Guruface.com is a fast-growing online learning platform offering a large pool of online courses, trainers, and other high-value learning facilities. They are also offering a training management system exclusively designed for businesses and organizations who want to train their team efficiently through a digital platform. Trainers and training companies can also make the most of their training management system.

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  • Options to monitor and track performance
  • Facility to create, package, and sell courses
  • Event and activity templates
  • Knowledge Tests, Practice Exams, and more.

2.   Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is the 2nd choice on our list. The learning management system comes with pre-configured courses, a collaborative learning experience, and automated workflows. Furthermore, Absorb LMS is accessible on Android and iOS, which makes them a good option.

Absorb LMS - Guruface TMS Blog


  • Pre-configured courses library for immediate access.
  • Interactive learning with leaderboards, quizzes, and more.
  • Automate your training workflows with triggers.

3.   Continu

Continu is the next choice for businesses searching for a digital training platform. The biggest highlight of this platform is its unique cloud interface, which is packed with modern features. It is also a unique platform which is offering a blend of both online and classroom learning modes.   

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  • Powerful course authoring facilities
  • Workflows for employee onboarding and training
  • Advanced report generation capabilities

4.   Learnworlds

Learnworlds are in business since 2014 and ever since their E-learning solution turned into a super-modern solution for businesses. The white-label solution also offers great interactive and social learning possibilities.

Learnworlds logo - Guruface TMS blog


  • Facility to build sales pages
  • An intelligent sales engine
  • Good analytics capabilities

5.   iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring is yet another innovative LMS solution businesses can invest in to manage their corporate training requirements well. Easy to set up and maintain, the solution comes loaded with powerful authoring tool options. The standard subscription covers all major features, which is a great plus.

iSpring Learn LMS - Guruface TMS blog


  • Exceptional UX and usability
  • Excellent integration with popular communication platforms
  • Great support

6.   Blackboard

Another good learning management solution designed by keeping the learner needs as the priority, Blackboard is standard at the same time unique. There is ample training solution for businesses as well as for government organizations.

Blackboard logo - Guruface TMS blog


  • Option to grade assignments
  • Instant feedback facility
  • Course creation, delivery, and management are made simple.

7.   SkyPrep

Cloud-based LMS solutions are the need of the era, and SkyPrep is a perfect example. It does everything including creating, delivering and tracking the learning process. Moreover, it can handle corporate training programs with ease. It can also optimize these programs further to enhance the experience.

SkyPrep logo - Guruface TMS blog


  • Facility to establish multiple learning portals and sub-platforms.
  • Excellent analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Rich automation and integrations.

8.   360Learning

360Learning is ideal for businesses or companies that are growing fast. This is a collaborative learning platform that allows easy knowledge sharing for those organizations that are prone to frequent changes. With 360Learning, employee training can be standardized and made stress-free.

360 Learning - Guruface TMS blog


  • Simple authoring options
  • Integrated feedback features
  • Features ensuring content relevancy

9.   SAP Litmos

The cloud-based LMS can be used by enterprises for employee training and customer or industry orientation requirements in small enterprises. Mobile learning, virtual classroom, and integrated social features are its strong points.

SAP Litmos - Guruface TMS blog


  • Content-rich course structures
  • Integrated e-commerce platform
  • User-friendly UI

10. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a digital training platform built for assessing and upskilling the technical skills of teams. The skills assessment and analytics features of the platform make this technology skills platform unique. Corporate leaders and managers can use the platform to develop employee skills in technology niche fields.

Pluralsight logo - Guruface blog


  • Keep track of channels, bookmarks, and learning path features.
  • Quizzes, Role IQ, and Skill IQ feature to identify skill gaps.
  • Multilingual

11.   Lessonly

Another SAAS-based LMS, Lessonly is unique as it allows your team to practice and acquire new competencies. The Practice facility let you create real-life business scenarios in a safe-to-fail- environment, thus improving skills and building confidence. It is a perfect digital training platform for customer-facing teams.

Lessonly logo - Guruface blog


  • Export lessons and access offline
  • Premade content collection
  • Integrations and video rehearsal feature

12.   EdApp

Being a modern digital training platform EdApp is offering a brilliant authoring tool for managers and trainers to create their training material effortlessly. A customizable course library and a huge collection of instructional materials are also highlights of the platform. 

EdApp logo - Guruface blog


  • Unique authoring tool
  • Course library with a good collection of micro-learning courses
  • Mobile learning enabled

13.   Clear Review

Clear Review simply lets businesses plan, organize, set goals, deliver feedback, and make productive interactions efficiently. There is also a good analytics facility that allows managers to track and evaluate the status of their training activities and make necessary inputs instantly.

Clear review logo - Guruface blog


  • Goal-setting option
  • Automated reports
  • Good analytics capabilities

14.   Docebo

Docebo is a cloud learning platform that is capable of any traditional corporate training software out there. It works with the assistance of AI to deliver next-level automation and personalization experience. Not only usual employee training, but Docebo can effectively conduct partner training and compliance training as well.     

Docebo logo - Guruface blog


  • Custom playlist feature
  • Good Integrations
  • Gamification enabled

15.   Adobe Learning Manager

Adobe Captivate Prime was its former name. The learning platform offers exceptional training facilities for your employees, partners, and also customers. AI-based social learning capabilities and automated content creation facilities are its highlights.

Adobe learning manager - Guruface blog


  • Easy Integrations
  • Quick content delivery
  • Exceptional learning tools and features

16.   SharePoint | sapiens

For anyone familiar with SharePoint will know what we can expect from such an Employee Training Management platform. Features to set up training events, enrolments, and share course materials, there is everything you would want from a digital training platform. It is also Microsoft 365 certified.

SharePoint  sapiens logo - Guruface blog


  • Administrate training events like an expert
  • Make each event specific with detailed data
  • Stay updated with automated workflows

17.   Graphy

A great choice for businesses trying to set up their digital learning platform for employee training. The ability to host any kind of course including trainer-led, scheduled, live or drip courses, anything is possible at Graphy.

Graphy logo - Guruface blog


  • White-label website and app
  • In-built marketing and sales tools
  • Integrated payment gateways

18.  Talent LMS

Talent LMS is a learning management software that is simple and easy to use. This is a no-nonsense training platform with course creation and information browsing made too easy for everyone. The cloud-powered training solution also enables online training for employees.

Talent LMS logo - Guruface blog


  • White-label solution
  • TalentLibrary – pre-loaded courses
  • Create courses with already available content materials

19.   Coassemble

Searching for your first digital training platform? Coassemble might be an easy choice due to its standard, straightforward features and setup. Set the perfect training structure for your business, and organize everything with ease. You can also assure a branded experience for your employees too.

Coassemble logo - Guruface TMS blog


  • Pre-built training templates
  • Quick integrations
  • Group enrolment

20.   Bridge

The Bridge is a learning platform that brings powerful features along with a simple UI that makes everything look easy. For those businesses which are considering employee upskilling and training a critical process, Bridge will be the ideal training management system.

Bridge logo - Guruface blog


  • Great user experience
  • Excellent integrations
  • Good support system

21.  Trakstar Learn

Trakstar Learn is a specially designed Online Training Platform Software that let HR managers and business leaders create the best training platform for their team. The LMS can be used for giving shape to efficient learning paths, training solutions, upskilling materials, and also onboarding programs.

Trakstar Learn logo - Guruface blog


  • Digital learning enabled.
  • Create and share digital learning content.
  • Quizzes and Assessment options.

22.  Trainual

Want to buy a digital training solution that not only does training well, but also helps in cutting costs? Trainual can be a good choice for that. It is an ideal online training platform software that can streamline your recruiting, hiring, and retaining processes as well.

Trainual logo - Guruface blog


  • Playbook
  • Training Management
  • Onboarding

23.  Cloud Academy

Being a training management solution designed for tech teams, Cloud Academy is unique in multiple ways. It is not a common learning management system that let you set up a self-service portal for internal training. It delivers hands-on learning experiences in categories like cloud, software development, DevOps, and more. They call it a skill intelligence platform.

Cloud Academy logo - Guruface blog


  • Innovative personalization features.
  • Focussed on nurturing tech skills.
  • Combine both pre-build and custom content for learning.

24.  Cornerstone Learning

The Cornerstone Learning digital training platform is all about delivering a personalized experience in areas like growth, learning, upskilling, enhancing capabilities, and more. Custom learning experience, scalable learning facilities, and self-driven growth training paths are some of their highlights.

Cornerstone Learning logo - Guruface


  • Virtual and trainer-led learning sessions.
  • Advanced learning insights.
  • Great personalization capabilities.

25.  WorkRamp

WorkRamp is an all-in-one learning management system that can be utilized to carry out employee training, customer training, and partner training with ease. Compliance training, sales-boosting capabilities, and support training are also highlights of this online training platform software.

WorkRamp logo - Guruface


  • All-in-one learning solution.
  • Designed and rethought for modern workplaces.
  • High-value integrations.

Now that you have a basic awareness of the ideal 25 digital training management system options, this will surely make your selection easier. Know what the opportunities available are before you plan a long-term training program for your team next time.

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