What is Arduino and How to Learn It

Have you ever dreamt of building a robot or machine that could do anything you say? Has the word ‘Arduino’ recently come to your attention? You Might have come across cool projects that employ an Arduino and if you are looking for Information on what is Arduino and how to use it, this blog is all about that.

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As in the case of most popular technology solutions available to us, Arduino also comes with a lot of capabilities, interacting possibilities, and potential. The more you explore this powerful little platform, the more possibilities you will find. Let us help you to get started with Arduino learning!

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Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. It is a great introduction to robotics and electronics. It has two elements a physical hardware board and also a programming software through which you can provide intelligence to your invention.

With an Arduino, you can do everything from controlling a robot to managing home automation. Like how you use a remote to control a toy car, grab an Arduino if you wish to control different electronic devices which should work like how you dream or require!

 In general, Electronic devices can be classified into two categories




Input devices would be information-gathering electronic devices.

Examples: sensors, switches, etc.  


Output devices will work when called. They do things like rotating, glowing lights, Alarming, etc.

Examples: Motor, LED, Buzzer servo motors, LCD displays, etc.

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The main element of the Arduino board is a microcontroller.  The microcontroller is a very tiny computer. Learning how to use an Arduino involves learning how to use a microcontroller. We can read these various inputs and control these many outputs with the help of the microcontroller. You now have a basic understanding of what is Arduino. Let’s now see how Arduino is unique and has more potential compared to other microcontrollers.


Microcontrollers have historically been somewhat difficult to Use. The Arduino developers made utilizing microcontrollers as simple as they could. Arduino is a development board. Using a simple USB cable that connects to the board you can upload your program. To interface any electronic component to Arduino, header pins are used.

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But it wasn’t this easy with traditional microcontrollers. Thanks to this simplicity, Microcontrollers are no longer solely used by electrical engineers and computer scientists; anyone can get used to them and start constructing stuff. Hope you now got more reasons to learn Arduino!


Arduino is the platform for you if you have the drive to develop innovative and useful applications. If you have a good Mentor and Resource, learning Arduino is a quick and enjoyable experience.

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