8 Popular Interview Questions on UFT for SAP Testing Answered

Important Interview Questions On UFT For SAP Testing Answered

Flexibility, scalability, and efficiency are a few factors that drive the demand for SAP among businesses. Having said that, the SAP implementation is never easy and the businesses considering it needs to focus on multiple factors including the testing effectiveness of solutions.

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Over the years, various testing tools have gained popularity among SAP business owners group. Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is one of the most popular among them. What are the other popular SAP testing tools? Why UFT is the best tool for SAP testing? This discussion between Wally Tauriac, Software Engineer and Test Analyst with over 40 years of experience in several fortune 500 companies and author of SAP test automation using HP UFT; and Ben Xavier, CTO, Guruface.com aims to answer these questions.  And also tries to cover all other important questions that you may have in mind regarding the implementation of QTP/UFT for SAP applications.

Questions and Answers on QTP/UFT for SAP Automation Testing

1. Ben XavierWhat are the tools used for SAP Testing?

Wally Tauriac: The top five test tools used for SAP testing are:

  1. Worksoft– known for being a code-free solution, compatible with SAP Fiori supportive, and ALM and Agile.
  2. RightData– SAP HANA migration, good for high validation testing, and supports a validation builder tool.
  3. Testimony– eliminates the manual efforts around test case delivery, execution, and updates for SAP testing.
  4. Micro Focus (QTP) UFT– has been around at the top of marketing supporting SAPGUI testing known as a feature-rich tool.
  5. eCATT– intended to provide the testing support needed for a SAPGUI application.

As I mentioned, UFT is still strong in the functional testing market.

2. Ben Xavier: Why use UFT over other tools for SAP testing?

Wally Tauriac: UFT has been around for a long time and therefore supports multiple versions of SAPGUI, multiple browsers, and multiple operating systems, with continually growing functional services to meet customer needs.

3. Ben Xavier: What are the business benefits of SAP Test Automation using UFT?

Wally Tauriac: There are several benefits to name, whereas I believe the following benefits of UFT have contributed to their quick adoption among SAP business owners.

  • Ease of use – the programming language is VBScript which is easy to learn and use
  • Easy to record new scripts ready for execution
  • Easy to identify and define application test objects
  • Capable of identifying hard-to-detect test objects that are not common to applications
  • User-friendly IDE for customizing test object validation and verification
  • Easily adapts to various commonly known test frameworks

4. Ben Xavier: What are the career possibilities of SAP automation testing using UFT?

Wally Tauriac: There are 100s of jobs available for UFT knowledgeable individuals to test SAPGUI applications around the country. The roles are known as Quality Assurance Analyst, Tester, Automation Engineer, QA Engineer, and others.

5. Ben Xavier: How to modify an SAP Portal script?

Wally Tauriac: SAP Portal scripts are one of many supported protocols in UFT. SAP Portal is similar to web UFT scripts. The following image is an example of what a UFT SAP Portal script looks like.

what a UFT SAP Portal script looks like
An example of a UFT SAP Portal script

If you have more time, here is a video that provides a detailed understanding of how this example was developed in UFT.

6. Ben Xavier: How do we modify a SAPGUI script?

Wally Tauriac: SAPGUI applications are challenging test objects for test tools. But UFT can adapt to what SAPGUI requires for a test script. Here is what a UFT test script looks like for SAPGUI.

what a UFT test script looks like for SAPGUI
Example of a UFT test script for SAPGUI

For more details regarding viewing and modifying a UFT script for testing SAPGUI, here is a video that is part of my training course on UFT for SAP Testing, published on Guruface.com.

7. Ben Xavier: How do we test SAP Portal and SAPGUI applications using UFT?

Wally Tauriac: The UFT IDE is the normal tool used for running UFT test scripts. This includes SAP Portal and SAPGUI applications which are two of many UFT protocols. Because UFT coding syntax is supported by the VBScript language, it is an alternative way that UFT scripts can be executed. And a third method of executing UFT scripts is using its sister product called ALM or Quality Center also owned by Micro Focus.

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