Allows Users to Create Free E-Learning Platforms with No Initial Investment is a portal that allows anyone to create an e-learning platform to bring online learning to users. The site allows visitors to create an e-learning platform, add content and users, assign content lessons to those users and interact with users throughout the learning process. According to the creators of, “the ability to create an e-learning platform without an upfront investment and that is easy to use will give our clients an easy entry into the world of e-learning.”

As stated, one of the advantages of using is that there is no initial investment. Users can set up an e-learning management system without purchasing a license or expensive hardware. There are also no monthly fees involved. Another advantage of this system is that is completely cloud-based, so users can access content from any remote location.

Once a platform is created, adding content and users is quite simple. Platform owners can import content from PDF files or video files and arrange the content to make it as easy for users to access as possible. Users can be added to the platform from a simple spreadsheet. Once users have been added, the system lets the platform creator group them and assign content accordingly. creators assure privacy and security by building in the latest protections to keep both content and user information as secure as possible. Users are able to set their own language and they have access to numerous tutorials and a full menu of support options.

About is a top line e-learning educational technology. Unlike its competitors, offers instant creations, no startup investments and an ease of use rarely seen in e-learning platforms.

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