Training for Success: Why the Time is Now to Let Online Learning do the Work

Todd Thibodeaux for writes:   For businesses, and especially those in the IT industry, professional development has become a requisite part of employee management initiatives. According to theAssociation for Talent Development, organizations spent an average of $1,208 on training per employee in 2013. Unfortunately, many businesses suffer from poor returns on their investment, wasting thousands or even millions of dollars on inefficient programs.

Both traditional in-person lectures and massive online open courses (MOOCs) can struggle to engage employees; often they fail to provide interactive learning opportunities. Instead of settling (and paying) for ineffective training, IT businesses should turn to online learning platforms.

Focused training vs. broad strokes curriculum

One challenge plaguing most learning methods is delivering a broad but shallow level of topical familiarity in order to meet a mass audience’s varied levels of understanding. However, and especially in the IT world, targeted subject matter knowledge is critical. With tailored online learning platforms, businesses can have more control over their employees’ professional development and focus on honing skills most crucial to success. Rather than commit to a full course or program, businesses can take a more modular skills-based approach using online learning tools. This grants organizations the flexibility to mold their own training curriculum to meet specific needs.   SNIP, the article continues @ TalkinCloud, click here to continue reading….

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