This Cambridge-approved startup says it can make you smarter in just 8 hours — and it’s now raised $30 million

Nathan Malone for Business Insider writes: Education startup Macat wants to use the power of Cambridge to make you a better critical thinker, and it has raised $30 million to help boost its online learning platform out of the beta testing phase.

There are plenty of startups that have promised to disrupt education using technology, and an almost equal number that have crashed and burned, unable to either get users to finish their courses or provide them any tangible value. In particular, MOOCs, “massively open online courses” that bring university classes online, have seen a sharp drop from the hype of saving our college system to the reality of completion rates in the single digits.

But Macat CEO Hassan Abdou tells Business Insider his platform is different, and lives in a sweet spot between the academic rigor of online courses by universities like MIT and Harvard, and the easier-to-digest lessons of places like Khan Academy.

Here is what Macat does.  SNIP, the article continues @ Business Insider, click here to continue reading….

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