The top 10 courses for Brits looking for a better job

Rebecca Burn-Callander for the Telegraph writes: Brits are signing up for online courses in web development, app making and coding games in a bid to stay ahead of the job market, according to new industry figures.

Workers are looking to brush up on digital skills, which are increasingly in demand by employers; 48pc of course enrolments are in the technology field.

Some 75pc of courses are related to work, and many job-seekers are signing up for self-improvement courses in subjects such as speed reading, mindfulness, influence and confidence-building to give themselves an edge over the competition.

The top 10 adult learning courses

1. The complete web developer course
2. The complete 1OS 9 developer course
3. Learn to code by making games
4. The freedom to choose something different
5. Become a superlearner: Learn speed reading and advanced memory
6. 7 scientifically proven steps to increase your influence
7. Photography masterclass: Your complete guide to photography
8. Learn mindfulness meditation for a calmer and clearer mind
9. Yoga as meditation
10. Photography: Ditch auto – start shooting in manual

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