The Pros and Cons of Getting Online Accounting Education – SAP FICO Certification with Guruface

Arlene B Morgan for AccountingWeb writes: Accountants are mandatory for every firm whether private or government based as they are the people dealing with financial data of those companies and through them all the monetary reports are done and prepared. As those courses of Accounting are valuable enough, people are choosing them more and more. But, lack of institutions sometimes create major problems and besides, pupils have to perform so many deeds at the similar time and hence, they don’t get enough time for studying.

Online courses in Accounting:
Keeping all these above-told problems of the students in mind, lots of colleges and universities are giving them opportunities to make the finish of their academic degrees via online mode. If you are also thinking of possessing a degree in Accountancy, move forward for availing the online options but before this, just check out the advantages along with the disadvantages of those online courses.

GuruFace Comment: Here at GuruFace in the accounting space, we offer online instructor-led SAP FICO courses leading to certification.   With SAP FICO –  FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO for Controlling, used to review and monitor the financial situation of an organization. By using SAP FICO certification, you can examine the inside operations by generating and scheduling the reports and can discover the solutions for accounting requirements. SAP FI represents the aspects of financials and SAP CO aspects the Managerial and Cost Controlling.

Beneficial facts:

Technology:  The technology used to teach those students are advanced and hence, in spite of learning through this distance mode, students can interact with other pupils of their stream and a wondrous communication system is always available as they can get in touch with their needed people whenever they feel requirement of them, which is indeed not possible in the regular courses.

Flexibility:  Flexibility is the major issue that has been offered by these courses as here; a student is always independent to study whenever he or she gets time for it. There is no proper schedule imposed on them and hence, they can learn while fulfilling all the other responsibilities and deeds.

Self-Discipline:  No instructor is provided personally to the students and they have to prepare on their own for the examinations and thus, these pupils learn to be disciplined enough. If you are going to take that opportunity, it’s guaranteed that you would also be able to change yourself while going through this course.

Cost:  The cost of the online courses in this regard is not so high and in addition to that, several expenses are also not in requisite which in thecase is the real satisfaction for students. On the other, some institutions offer courses free of cost which is nevertheless unique and helpful for pupils.

Guruface Comment: This is all accurate and true of the education and training experience you can have at Guruface. In addition, it should be mentioned the technology and flexibility also extend to learning on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Now let’s move on to the disadvantageous issues regarding online Accounting Education.

Some cons:

Among some minor flaws these online courses show some of the following aspects such as:

Get indiscipline:  As there is not much pressure as naturally, students are found to escape their duties regarding education. Besides, as they don’t have to attend the organizations directly; that may affect their concentration as well as discipline level too.

Lacking of mannerisms:  The formalities which everyone has to comprehend; sometimes are not known to the ones studied through online just because they don’t have to meet people directly which is really needed for all of us for being more communicative.

Well, these blemishes can be overlooked and avoided too if the students are quite serious and hence, you can certainly opt for the online accounting courses for building a sparkling career ahead.


With over 80% of Fortune 500 companies using SAP FICO, the system has opened up a job market for SAP consultants like no other. Not only SAP consultants are in great demand, but they are paid well for their services and have an option of working independently, contractually or on as permanent on payrolls.

The GuruFace platform is dedicated to training individuals and corporate clients and provides well-prepared documentation and training modules with highly interactive online training sessions.  Our web-based online training in SAP FICO courses gives you the convenience of learning and earning a certification while you go about your busy schedule – you do not have to travel during the training program. GuruFace has access to a faculty of highly qualified and certified consultants to deliver its online curriculum.  These instructors are not just academicians, but specialists who are actively involved in consulting to businesses in their respective fields. Click here to learn about GuruFace’s top SAP FICO trainer and course.


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