Tech Trep Academy Launches Online Learning Community to Empower Young Technology Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs

Tech Trep Academy (, an online interactive learning community for kids focused on technology and entrepreneurship, today announced the official launch of Tech Trep Academy, the premiere resource for interactive curriculum in the areas of computer and game programming, Minecraft modding, 3D printing, digital art/animation, sound mixing, media editing, and entrepreneurship. Tech Trep Academy is uniquely designed to move kids beyond the traditional classroom setting, inspiring young TECHnology enthusiasts to develop new skills and providing the tools necessary to translate those skills into real world enTREPreneur experiences. See the Tech Trep vision in action here.

Tech Trep Academy empowers today's youth with exciting, mentor-supported TECHnology and enTREPreneur online courses that engage their interests and ignite their passion to learn, create and share with the world around them.

Created by education, technology and business experts, Tech Trep courses are designed to work separately or as a whole, allowing students the ability to customize a program just right for them. The curriculum is built primarily on open source or low-cost software. Each course is overseen by an online tech mentor, creating a full-circle, highly-personalized environment where mentors can adjust the experience for the individual user, or update the course to reflect the latest software or capabilities.

“As an educator for the past 25 years I have a passion for helping kids navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, and translate that knowledge into real and immediate economic opportunity if they so desire,” said Matt Bowman, CEO and creator of Tech Trep. “We have successfully employed these courses in the Utah public school system for nearly a decade, and we are excited to open this up to students around the globe and tap into the very creative and industrious minds of young people today. We have been inspired by the enthusiasm we’ve seen as kids quickly catch the vision of Tech Trep.”

Tech Trep is committed to providing its unique brand of high-quality, practical education to all students around the world, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or economic circumstances. To accomplish that vision, Tech Trep has partnered with NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young’s Forever Young Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the development, strength and education of children. Forever Young helps students in need from every corner of the globe participate in Tech Trep Academy, enabling them to applyfor the courses via scholarships.

“The Forever Young Foundation has empowered children all over the world who face a variety of disadvantages – including financial challenges – for more than 20 years. Like Tech Trep, our goal is to provide these young people with the right opportunities and resources to realize their amazing potential,” saidSteve Young, founder and co-chair of the Forever Young Foundation. “The Tech Trep curriculum is so exciting and worthwhile, we didn’t just stop with the Foundation – my own boys also signed up immediately!”

Tech Trep has already served thousands of students on its various courses through its partnership with Utah public schools, and many young ‘treps’ have gone on to turn those lessons into entrepreneurial opportunities.

“My child is inspired by making cool stuff and by the idea that he can look at the world and make it a better place with no limits on his imagination or creativity,” said Adrianne Thygerson, mother of Tech Trep student Jakob. “The Tech Trep program has enabled Jakob to design and create customized songs and then market them via lessons learned through his entrepreneur course. The excitement and passion he’s had over this experience has far surpassed anything he was able to do in a traditional classroom.”

Tech Trep launches today with 11 courses, and plans to add more in the near future. Registration and scholarship applications are both available via the website at

About Tech Trep

Tech Trep is the premier source for online technology and entrepreneur education, with a direct focus on young people ages 8-14. We provide interactive, project-based and mentor-supported courses in the areas of computer and game programming, Minecraft modding, 3D printing, digital art/animation, sound mixing and editing, and entrepreneurship. Our three-tiered learning approach centers on building confidence, creating enthusiasm, and developing an entrepreneurial spirit for young minds around the world, through programs that fit all learning styles, abilities and interests.

Tech Trep is a privately held company headquartered in Provo, Utah. Read our blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or learn more at

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