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We recently came across a useful website called “eCourseDomination.com” where Tim Cooper offers insight and guidance on how to develop and sell courses online. Recently he interviewed  John Thompson who  created his own line course titled, “SpringFramework.guru” site in January 2015 and started out sharing free content and courses as he continued to work on his ‘definitive’ spring framework course.   Tim  Cooper explores how John Thompson transformed his courses to a profitable venture. Tim Cooper writes, [in reference to John Thompson]  “However, after listening to the Online Course Coaching podcast along with other podcasts on the topic, John restructured his approach and published a number of smaller courses and made over $3,000 in January 2016.

When it comes to creating his online courses, John, as an expert in his field really has to step back and concentrate on teaching the basics. What seems glaringly obvious to him is still unknown to the student, so care must be taken to ensure all required learning is included in the course. John says becoming an online course creator is a lot of work. There are a number of skill sets you need to acquire (or outsource), setting up a website, creating content, SEO, email lists, marketing lists, the tasks seem endless and time-consuming.

Creating free, quality content has been the primary driver of traffic to John’s website along with careful attention to search engine optimization.

The next step was setting up an opt-in to a newsletter. John was building his audience before he built his course. He had a list of people to market to once his courses were released. John has a free course which he offers as a lead magnet and finds a good number of students who sign up for his free online course happily enrol into his paid courses. By breaking his course up into smaller units, John found that firstly he could complete a course and get it to market and secondly students are more willing to purchase smaller courses.

It all comes down to “One problem, one solution”. Ideally, each course should be short and concentrate on proving a solution to a very specific problem.


Tim Cooper offers a course on Udemy sharing insights on how to create an online course titled,  “Creating Successful Online Courses: Expert Interview Series” that’s worth taking a look at, in addition to offering a helpful Podcast at his site eCourseDomination.com. We agree for teachers and instructors interested in developing a business online there are a number of skill sets you need to acquire (or outsource), setting up a website, creating content, SEO, email lists, marketing lists, and more. This is where GuruFace brings teachers and instructors tremendous value as we’ll handle the website, SEO, help you with the marketing list in addition to supporting all your e-commerce and merchandising needs and goals. GuruFace is your partner in creating an online teaching and training business where you can offer both live and prerecorded courses to paying learners all over the world.

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