Raspberry Pi LED Light Control Project Guide – Part 3

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You are reading the 3rd part of the 3-part Raspberry Pi Blog Series by Guruface Academy. Here is the full list of Blogs in this series. Raspberry Pi Blog Series What is Raspberry Pi and How to Use It – Part 1How to Set Up Raspberry Pi to Laptop – Part 2Raspberry Pi LED Light Control Project Guide – Part 3 Let’s now move to this third blog post in the series and talk about this interesting Raspberry Pi project. Table of Contents Introduction Take off with Raspberry pi wit...

What is a Servo Motor: Characteristics and Capabilities

Servo motor capabilities - Guruface
If you are not aware about what is a servo motor, this is your chance to learn. A rotary or linear actuator, also known as a servomotor, is a device that can control the velocity, acceleration, and position of objects in a given direction. It can be equipped with a sensor to provide feedback. A relatively sophisticated controller is required for use with these types of motors. If you are not familiar with these kinds of motors, this is your chance to learn what is a servo motor.   ...