What is RFID Module and How Does it Work

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RFID or Radio Frequency Identification System is a technology widely used in different industries. You might not be aware of what is RFID and how it works but you might have already experienced it in modern supermarkets where there is an automated checkout system. It is the RFID technology that lets you easily walk out from the billing section without requiring you to enter each item’s price manually before checkout. Let’s understand more about this technology and some important technical aspec...

How to Decide Between GPIO ZERO library and RPi GPIO Library

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For DIY electronics projects, the Raspberry Pi computer is a great choice. It comes with a Linux-based Raspbian operating system, along with Python built-in. For beginner coders, this is an amazing choice to get started. Both the RPi GPIO library and GPIO Zero Libraries are excellent choices. Let’s see what the peculiarities of each of these python libraries are and how to decide between them.   We have done a blog series on Raspberry Pi earlier. It will be helpful for beginners to ...

What is a mBot Robot: Components and Functioning Explained

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Finding a robotic kit today is easy. You will get a lot of options at different prices, configurations, and features. Picking the right one is tricky but learning about the best options will help you to make the right pick. We are going to talk about the popular Makeblock mBot in this blog post. Let us give you a better and clearer idea about what is a mBot robot and its capabilities. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION T0 MAKEBLOCK MBOT WHAT’S INSIDE THE MBOT ROBOT KIT MAIN COMPONE...

What is Arduino and How to Learn It

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Have you ever dreamt of building a robot or machine that could do anything you say? Has the word ‘Arduino’ recently come to your attention? You Might have come across cool projects that employ an Arduino and if you are looking for Information on what is Arduino and how to use it, this blog is all about that. As in the case of most popular technology solutions available to us, Arduino also comes with a lot of capabilities, interacting possibilities, and potential. The more you explore thi...

Top 10 Arduino Features & Facts for Beginners

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Arduino is a very popular open-source platform among people who are fond of DIY electronic projects. The possibilities and scope of this platform are mind-blowing. Arduino simply enables you to create electronic devices or facilities that do things we usually see only advanced or branded devices do. Table of Contents Introduction to the potential of Arduino Features ARDUINO SHEILDS RESET LIBRARIES ARDUINO CLOCK TRIGONOMETRY FUNCTIONS ANALOG IN BLUETOOTH I2C ...

What is an Accelerometer and how it Works

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Ever wondered how your smartphone automatically switches from portrait to landscape as you tilt it, able to point out the direction in which your smartphone’s compass points? Ever questioned how the Health & Fitness apps of your smartphone are able to count the number of steps that you have taken while walking? Your smartphone is integrated with a tiny accelerometer sensor that can identify orientation/direction. Your smartphone uses this information to decide when to change the s...

10 Interesting Facts about Robots

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Humans are always curious in finding new facts and discovering new possibilities. Robots are one of the biggest inventions of our time. They are so common today that people even consider them as replacements for real humans in various areas. From homes to military environments, robots are now widely used across the globe. Even though we are familiar with these machines, there are plenty of facts that still amaze us. Here are 10 robot facts that we are sure will make you go wow! Table of ...

How to Set Up Raspberry PI to Laptop – Part 2

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You are reading the 2nd part of the 3-part blog series - The Complete Guide to Configure Raspberry Pi to Laptop by Guruface Academy. Here is the full list of Blogs in this series. Blog Series - The Complete Guide to Configure Raspberry Pi to Laptop What is Raspberry Pi and How to Use It – Part 1How to Set Up Raspberry PI to Laptop – Part 2Raspberry Pi LED Light Control Project Guide – Part 3 Table of Contents Introduction Step 1: Create SSH.Txt File in SD Card Step 2: Set...

What is Raspberry Pi and How to Use It – Part 1

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You are reading the 1st part of the 3-part Blog Series 'The Complete Guide to Configure Raspberry Pi to Laptop' by Guruface Academy. Here is the full list of Blogs in this series. Raspberry Pi Blog Series What is Raspberry Pi and How to Use It – Part 1 How to Set Up Raspberry PI to Laptop – Part 2Raspberry Pi LED Light Control Project Guide – Part 3 Table of Contents Introduction How to get started with Raspberry PI on a laptop How to Configure Raspberry Pi How to use...

What makes Airplanes Fly: The Science of Flying

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Ever since the Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane in the year 1903, people all around the world are curious to know how it is made possible. Even though there are a lot of scientific theories behind this, it is the New York Times article with the title ‘STAYING ALOFT; What Does Keep Them Up There?’ that came to our mind first.  With this blog post, we are trying to explain what makes airplanes fly and the science of flying. Being a robotics course provider for kids, Guruface Aca...