Limiting Beliefs that will Ruin Your Career as Online Freelancers

Online Freelancers
If you’ve read your fair share of articles about how to succeed as an online freelancer, you’d have learned by now that while there are bajillions of successful online freelancers, there are just as many who failed miserably -- maybe even more. Of course, none of us wants to end up becoming the latter. I know I wouldn’t. I hope you feel the same way too. After having helped several online freelancers take their career to the next level, I now have a better idea of what made some of them fail...

Tried And Tested Tips to Get Rid of the Writer’s Block – Part 1

writers block final
I know. It’s nerve-racking -- writer’s block, that is. With how valuable content has become for businesses and consumers, it has become the perfect time for writers to make a living out of their skill. Of course, the more articles the writers can push out, the more income they earn. You can probably relate to that, huh? While the statement above is certainly true, thinking that being a writer is all daisies and butterflies is a terrible mistake. Writers contend with a very serious chal...

How to Succeed at Finding Customers as an Online Freelancer. No, Really!

Warning: This guide is brutally detailed. If you’re an online freelancer and you’re looking for a proven and tested strategy to find more clients online, then you’d better buckle off… I get it. There are gazillions of articles talking about how to find a client as a freelancer. If you’ve done your fair share of reading, however, you’ll find that a good number of these guides are sharing tips that are so vague and cookie-cutter, they’re pretty much useless. Not. This. One. What ...

How to Ask for a Pay Raise – And Get Approved

Pay raise
There are those that work their butts off day and night, yet when pay day comes, the amount they receive is barely enough to put food on their tables. That’s tough, isn’t it? And you are not able to ask for a pay raise? I mean, if you’ve been working all day long yet all you’ll get is money that’s barely enough to pay for your bills, then you’d never enjoy your life. You’d just end up becoming drained from all the work, all while ONLY managing to keep yourself afloat. Don’t let this happ...