How to Write an Effective Cover Letter that Will Get Your Hired. – Part 3

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter
Note - We’re in our 3rd and final installation of our “How to Write an Effective Cover Letter” series. If you missed reading the previous posts, you can read the first post here, and the second one here. If you’re reading this, then you must’ve enjoyed reading the first 2 posts that I shared about how to write an effective cover letter. Great! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading them. Table of Content Keep 'em short and crisp. Mention someone famous in their industry. Inser...

Tried And Tested Tips to Get Rid of the Writer’s Block – Part 1

writers block final
I know. It’s nerve-racking -- writer’s block, that is. With how valuable content has become for businesses and consumers, it has become the perfect time for writers to make a living out of their skill. Of course, the more articles the writers can push out, the more income they earn. You can probably relate to that, huh? While the statement above is certainly true, thinking that being a writer is all daisies and butterflies is a terrible mistake. Writers contend with a very serious chal...