How to Write an Effective Cover Letter that Will Get You Hired. – Part 1

Note - this is a 3-part series on How to Write an Effective Cover Letter. I’ll try to keep the tips as clear and as detailed as it can be, so you won’t have a problem implementing the tips. When you are applying for jobs on freelancing sites like or, you need to have a carefully crafted and an effective cover letter to increase your chances of getting hired. Sure. What I said may sound like it’s common sense, however, you’ll be amazed at how most freelance...

How to Ask for a Pay Raise – And Get Approved

Pay raise
There are those that work their butts off day and night, yet when pay day comes, the amount they receive is barely enough to put food on their tables. That’s tough, isn’t it? And you are not able to ask for a pay raise? I mean, if you’ve been working all day long yet all you’ll get is money that’s barely enough to pay for your bills, then you’d never enjoy your life. You’d just end up becoming drained from all the work, all while ONLY managing to keep yourself afloat. Don’t let this happ...