What is Arduino and How to Learn It

What is Arduino
Have you ever dreamt of building a robot or machine that could do anything you say? Has the word ‘Arduino’ recently come to your attention? You Might have come across cool projects that employ an Arduino and if you are looking for Information on what is Arduino and how to use it, this blog is all about that. As in the case of most popular technology solutions available to us, Arduino also comes with a lot of capabilities, interacting possibilities, and potential. The more you explore thi...

Top 10 Arduino Features & Facts for Beginners

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Arduino is a very popular open-source platform among people who are fond of DIY electronic projects. The possibilities and scope of this platform are mind-blowing. Arduino simply enables you to create electronic devices or facilities that do things we usually see only advanced or branded devices do. Table of Contents Introduction to the potential of Arduino Features ARDUINO SHEILDS RESET LIBRARIES ARDUINO CLOCK TRIGONOMETRY FUNCTIONS ANALOG IN BLUETOOTH I2C ...