What is Raspberry Pi and How to Use It – Part 1

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You are reading the 1st part of the 3-part Blog Series 'The Complete Guide to Configure Raspberry Pi to Laptop' by Guruface Academy. Here is the full list of Blogs in this series. Raspberry Pi Blog Series What is Raspberry Pi and How to Use It – Part 1 How to Set Up Raspberry PI to Laptop – Part 2Raspberry Pi LED Light Control Project Guide – Part 3 Table of Contents Introduction How to get started with Raspberry PI on a laptop How to Configure Raspberry Pi How to use...

What makes Airplanes Fly: The Science of Flying

How do Aeroplanes Fly: The Science of Flying - Guruface
Ever since the Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane in the year 1903, people all around the world are curious to know how it is made possible. Even though there are a lot of scientific theories behind this, it is the New York Times article with the title ‘STAYING ALOFT; What Does Keep Them Up There?’ that came to our mind first.  With this blog post, we are trying to explain what makes airplanes fly and the science of flying. Being a robotics course provider for kids, Guruface Aca...

Overview of PIR Sensors and its Working Principle

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Learning about the different sensors used in some of the commonly used devices and daily objects we use today is interesting. In this blog, we are going to give you an overview of PIR Sensors and their working principle. Smart homes, light controls, alarm systems, etc. are some of the common facilities that are using these sensors. Another great use of PIR motion sensors is in human detection robots. These kinds of robots are now widely used in rescue operations worldwide. Before starting with ...

What is an IR Sensor: Working Principle Explained

Learn what is an IR sensor - Guruface Blog
Infrared technology is used for many devices and applications that we use in our daily life. Remote controls, sensing devices, and parking sensors are some of the common applications everyone knows. Understanding the functionality of infrared sensors allows you to create better knowledge of how these devices are working. You should know what is an IR sensor and its working principle to answer those crazy questions thrown by your kids. Let us give you some general awareness about IR sensors here...

15 Proven Ways to Assure Computer Network Security

Computer network security
Computer networks are a critical part of any business. They're the main way employees communicate with each other and share information, so it's important to ensure they're secure. If you have an IT team that is responsible for managing your company's computer network security, this guide will help you implement some very effective security measures to protect against potential vulnerabilities in your system.  Table of content Computer networks play an important role in your com...

10 Reasons to Learn Manual Software Testing

Manual Software Testing
If you're looking to get into the field of software testing, manual testing is a great choice to start. Manual testers can earn higher salaries than automated ones, have more job opportunities, and have more flexibility in terms of location and time management. In this article we'll explore 10 reasons why learning manual software testing is worthwhile no matter what type of QA you're interested in:  Table of Contents Testing is a necessary part of software development It help...

8 Jobs you can Land if you take SQL Server Training

SQL Server Training
A lot of people who aim to land in different IT job positions are hesitant to take SQL Server training, in part because they feel like they don't need it. Here's the truth: if you're smart, hardworking, and ready to learn how to be an expert in one of the most powerful database management systems available today, then taking online SQL Certification can land you one of the best jobs in your field! Let us tell you about 8 jobs you can land if you take SQL Server training from Guruface. &nbs...

What is a Servo Motor: Characteristics and Capabilities

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If you are not aware about what is a servo motor, this is your chance to learn. A rotary or linear actuator, also known as a servomotor, is a device that can control the velocity, acceleration, and position of objects in a given direction. It can be equipped with a sensor to provide feedback. A relatively sophisticated controller is required for use with these types of motors. If you are not familiar with these kinds of motors, this is your chance to learn what is a servo motor.   ...

How Emotional Intelligence Training can make an Impact on Life and Work 

emotional intelligence training
With the knowledge that emotional intelligence is essential in life and work, no wonder that emotional intelligence training has become so popular. The reason behind this popularity can be explained by the fact that EI training can have a big impact on both personal and professional life.  Table of Content What is Emotional Intelligence?  How to Make the Most of Emotional Intelligence Training? What is the significance of Emotional Intelligence Courses in the Mode...

12 Ways for Managing Project Risks Effectively

managing project risks
Project risk management is an essential element of project success. However, it's not always easy to find the right processes, tools, and people who understand what they're doing. Fortunately, there are many ways to implement a solid project risk management process that will help you in managing project risks effectively and ensure your project delivers on time and within budget.  Table of Content Significance of Project Risk Management 1. Create a Risk Management Plan 2....