Online Education: Top 4 Websites For Quality Content

Online education has become a trend these days. There are innumerable websites that are offering online learning for students around the world. Some do this free of charge, and some charge money for access.

Online education is an important tool for us because it brings the education directly to our houses. It brings education to a place we are comfortable and where we have a peace of mind. Therefore, some of the websites that provide top notch learning are given below.


This is one of the best website for learning subjects in academic-curriculum style. Coursera is a portal that offers free education for students of all ages across the globe (though certification requires payment).

Today, coursera provides more than 1000 courses in all disciplines ranging from machine learning to dog psychology. It has also started 35 new specializations this year. A specialization is a complete course which consists of 4-10 modules along with a final project called the specialization capstone. The access to all the courses is free.

If you want to learn without being constrained to deadlines, there are a plenty of on-demand courses which can be taken whenever you want. The cost of verified certificate starts from $29 and extends up to $79. A verified certificate is the original certificate signed by the instructor who taught the course. These certificates come with a URL that can be added to our LinkedIn account.

Top colleges around the world support their online education by providing their proclivities towards Coursera. If you are willing to learn in a college educational style, coursera is the best place for you.


MIT OpenCourseWare is a learning portal created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This portal offers academic courses that are taught in the university itself. The class room sessions in the university are recorded and are placed online for free of cost.

In most of the courses, the assignments and their solutions are also posted on their website. If you want to learn from the erudite professors from the highest ranked university in the world, you should opt for MIT OpenCourseWare.

3) LYNDA.COM is a LinkedIn company which provides application based courses. The working on most of the applications like MS-Office, Adobe products like After Effects and Photoshop, etc. mostly concentrates on the theoretical part of the concept before beginning the practical phase. The courses offered in this site are not free of cost except a few. If you take a premium account on, you get access to all the courses and the exercise files.

Upon completion of a course, you get a certificate URL which can be added to your LinkedIn account to better your career opportunities.


MVA or Microsoft Virtual Academy is one of the most underrated online education portals. The courses offered here are taught by Microsoft Certified Professionals who are the preferred experts in their field.

With the latest developments in field of Big Data and Business Intelligence, most of the courses in MVA are now focusing on those areas.

The MVA challenge portal “Know it. Prove it.” is one of the best initiatives in online education. It starts with us choosing a topic and completing it within a given time. If done so, rewards like gift vouchers and MVA points are awarded. MVA also offers live seminars and courses.

It is completely free, and after you complete a course, you receive a soft copy of the certificate signed by the general manager of Microsoft Learning community.

There are many other sites like Udemy and Udacity, but they lack in quality compared to the sites given above. Even YouTube can be used as a resource for online learning. But, to learn in a structured manner, the sites given above provide the best experience.

If you find this information useful, please share it on your Facebook. There are many students who have an appetite for learning but lack proper direction and resources. I hope this article provides some important information for them to start their new journey into the world of quality online education.

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