Myths and truths about online learning

Justin Thomas for Observer-Reporter writes: There are many myths about online training, and even more people who believe in them. Even so, it is a great pleasure to see that the number of students who prefer online education is growing. People aspire to get knowledge despite any myths and misleading ideas. This article contains most common myths about online training debunked and we hope it will help you to start and succeed in learning.

Myth #1: It would be uncomfortable to communicate with teacher

Usually people believe in this myth because they have never tried online training. Some people say: “I would not meet the teacher in person, so how could we make a contact?”

Truth: In reality, the video contact is enough to settle the communication: you will see your teacher as if you were in the same classroom. Moreover, you may even feel more comfortable psychologically: you are at home, in a safe place and you can stop the communication once you feel anxiety etc.

Myth #2: It will be difficult to study face to face

Typically, such a belief is sitting in the minds of people who are proficient in English at a Beginner/Elementary level. They think that the teacher will make them talk in English all the time or overload with exercises.

Truth: Individual lessons are the most effective way to study English language, and they are especially useful at the beginning. In this case, the teacher will help you to create a strong knowledge base and pay attention to the key points of the material. 70% of the lesson you will spend communicating and training in the pronunciation of new words and phrases.

Myth #3: You should be good at computers

Despite the fact, that almost each modern house has a computer and Internet access, people may still feel uncertainty about the use of tech and programs when it comes to online education.

Truth: The main purpose of online lessons is making the knowledge accessible for everyone. For learning English online, you will need only a free Skype account, programs of Microsoft Office and Internet access. Everything is quite simple and could be handled by any computer user.

Myth #4: Technical problems interrupt lessons

Technical problems scare potential students. People think that the lesson would be spoiled and the payment will not be refunded.

Truth: Fortunately, the technology has leaped forward, and technical problems are not as frequent as before. Besides, if you cannot establish connection with the teacher within 3-5 minutes, you may postpone the rest of the lesson for later or prolong the next lesson.

Myth #5: Teacher cannot track my progresses.

We have learned that in school, college and language courses the teacher often requires doing the homework and periodically conducts test to get an idea of how we learn the material. People unfamiliar to online training think that the teacher will not be able to test you.

Truth: During the online training, the teacher will give you home assignments, because it helps to consolidate the obtained knowledge. In addition, Skype homework has two big advantages: you can determine the volume of the assignments and the teacher will select tasks that will be useful exactly for you. At the lesson, you will not spent time checking the all the exercises, the teacher will consider only those in which you made a mistake. Moreover, you will do some tests and revisions to check your progresses and correct the mistakes.

Myth # 6: Online training doesn’t have the fixed course and is not systematic

Some people are embarrassed that at the beginning of online education the teacher will not be able to say exactly when you will finish the course. This raises the suspicion that the teacher does not have a clear plan of study.

Truth: Each student has own pace and way of learning something new, hence the online courses allow you to study English with the speed that fits you and only you. The plan of study meets the international standard requirements and you can ask your teacher about key points of it at the intro lesson. In addition, the plan could undergo some changes due to your needs: the teacher might add more exercises on difficult grammar or shorten lessons on the topics you already know. However, such “deviations from the program” do not delay the learning process and make it more fun and exciting.

Myth #7: I do not get any certificate of the course

Some people believe that if a language school works in online mode, it will be impossible to obtain any confirmation of passing the course.

Truth: At the end of the online English course, you can pass the test and get a certificate of completion of training. Some schools provide their own certificates or at least they would offer you to take TOEFL/IELTS or other international kind of tests.

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