Malaysia to host Google’s second online education conference

Google will host its second “Education on Air” conference discussing technology in classrooms here in Malaysia on Nov 1.

According to Google Malaysia education programme manager Rahayu Ramli, the conference is a platform to bring teachers, parents, students and administrators together to share how technology can work as an enabler to help engage students in classrooms.

It will be the second after the inaugural event held in the US back in May.

“One of the key drivers for us for this event is to incorporate and encourage more collaboration and community work.

“The beauty of it being online is that anybody can log in at any point in time during the session and it doesn’t matter where you are, the idea is to bring everybody together on this common platform to share the knowledge that is there in the session,” Ms Rahayu said.

The event will feature sessions in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

The sessions are grouped under three major topics; student engagement, which is on how to get the students interested in classroom learning; administrator efficiency which is for teachers who are busy with managing work outside the classroom, to help be more efficient using technology and thought leadership, which is on how pedagogy is used in class.

The opening session will include keynotes by Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan, Google Malaysia managing director Sajith Sivanandan and others.

Ms Rahayu said “thousands” have registered, but expressed hope that the over-420,000 teachers in government schools will also participate, together with parents and students.

The conference will be held at Google Malaysia’s headquarters here, with participants in other locales joining in via live streaming.

Videos of the sessions will be made publicly available, but only registered participants may engage with the speakers

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