How a flexible learning approach for IT professionals could plug the IT skills gap

Chloe Green for Information Age writes:  The UK has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of innovation thanks to exciting developments spawned from TechNorth, Silicon Fen and various other tech clusters up and down the country.

For the UK to remain such a major player, the development of digital and technology skills needs to be a priority to ensure we can maintain a pipeline of talent and innovative home-grown technology businesses.

With this in mind it is good to hear the popularity of STEM career paths is on the rise. However, it’s lagging behind the rate of global growth in this area. For example, the EU Commission reports that by 2020 the continent will have a shortfall of 900,000 much needed IT professionals.

Putting this in perspective, this is the same figure as the population of Stockholm.

Starved skills supply

While the government works to solve this problem through vocational paths, labour market regulation, apprenticeships and education policy, the solutions proposed are long term and fail to address the immediate demand for skilled IT workers.   SNIP, the article continues @ Information Age, click here to continue reading….

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