Emerging Tech of Online Education and Training

Captain Stan Wallace for Marinelink writes: The emerging technology tool is embraced by award winning West Kentucky Community & Technical College’s Inland Logistics and Marine Institute and its students.

Years ago, it was not uncommon for a deckhand on a towboat with no higher education to work his way up the ladder to become a Captain or Chief Engineer. Today as technologies are added and new U.S. Coast Guard regulations are put into place, individuals are finding that working on America’s Inland Waterways requires not only a love of the waterways, but also a commitment to continuous learning.

The Marine River Industry, like its deep-water counterpart is moving fast into a new technically advanced era. An era where advances in navigation equipment, communications, and shipboard systems that diagnosis themselves and communicate problems has quickly outpaced our ability to have a well-trained and educated work force to deal with it.

Training means Logistics, Logistics, Logistics
Part of the problem is the ability to schedule the needed training for industry personnel. When can the company schedule allow sufficient personnel to go and receive needed educational updates and still be able to conduct daily shipping business? Beyond this, there’s the cost of coordinating and arranging travel and locating a training facility to accommodate this task.

In the past, providing marine industry education and training centered on using the traditional method of students in a structured physical classroom environment. Entering the scene right behind these advances in emerging technology is a newer concept of training and online education through e-learning platforms. The idea is to get industry to embrace the use of online technology that is a more cost effective and timely method of providing ever-changing education and training.   SNIP, the article continues @ MarineLink, click here to continue reading….

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