EDUonGo’s Entry into the Chinese Market Allows Customers To Make Their Courses Available in China

Looking for a way to teach your online courses in China? EDUonGo, the cloud-based eLearning platform that hosts online academies, is now helping their customers enter China’s online marketplace.

Many individuals, consultants and eLearning companies outside of China will often find their course websites blocked or considerably slowed down. EDUonGo’s partnership with Hangzhou Jucai Human Resources Service Co. Ltd (杭州聚才人力资源服务有限公司) has helped theplatform and their customers bypass such obstacles.

“Our partnership with Jucai and expanded cloud infrastructure makes it possible for us to be hosted in China,” says Steven Yee, COO of EDUonGo. “If you create your courses using EDUonGo, we can make them available in China in no time.”

eLearning can empower individuals to reach millions of students globally and allows students to conveniently learn at their own pace. Not only will EDUonGo allow their customers to offer their courses to Chinese citizens, Chinese citizens will also have the opportunity create their own courses using the platform.

“While we have more than 100 million eLearning users in China, they make up less than 10 percent of the Chinese population,” says David Cheung, CEO of Jucai. “There is still tremendous opportunity for eLearning growth in China for the next few years.”

If you are interested in having your online courses made available in China, contact the EDUonGo team at info(at)eduongo(dot)com.

About EDUonGo

EDUonGo enables anyone to share knowledge through an online learning environment. Schools, institutions and individuals partner with EDUonGo to host online academies through itscloud-based platform. In addition to providing features found in leading learning management systems, EDUonGo gives users the flexibility to customize the system and integrate third-party applications. For more information, visit

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