Discover the Weekly Number of Hours Online Students Study / Online learning isn’t easy, and students should be prepared to study several hours each week.

Joe Chapman for US News World Report writes:  Year after year, one of the most common pieces of feedback I receive from students who are new to ouronline degree program is that they are surprised by the amount of time it takes to succeed in their online courses.    Common misconceptions of online degree programs are that they are easy to complete or take less time than traditional college classes.

However, I’m here to tell you that is not the case.

Though Arizona State University’s online programs, called ASU Online, our undergrad and graduate courses are structured in seven and a half week sessions rather than 14-week semesters. For one session, a student should expect to spend six hours a week on course work for every course credit.

In other words, if a student is signed up for two or three courses during a session and each course is worth three credits, that student should plan to spend between 36 to 54 hours a week on course work.

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