Digital Learning Fosters Gen-Y Of Rural India

Aakash Chaudhry for Business World India writes: Technology-driven learning is bringing a qualitative difference to education in rural and semi-urban areas of India. Although rural India has woken up to the online learning trend quite late because of the lack of a stronger mindset in smaller towns and infrastructural challenges, this issue has been gradually resolved. From mobile classrooms to online tutors, today there are hundreds of such startups passionate about transforming the education system in our country.

The introduction of digital education in rural India came with its own set of infrastructural issues. The erratic electricity supply and lack of access to educational facilities made the penetration of technology-based education tough. The incursion of cable television eventually changed the prevalent indolent way of thinking. The rural population is now welcoming the idea of using mobile devices and is equally comfortable in handling technology devices. Online learning or Live Virtual Classrooms (LVC) has paved the way for modern education in rural India. Moreover, the integration of technologies such as Cloud, Data Centers & Virtualization into the education industry is making information available to the students from far-flung areas in just one click. –┬áSNIP, the article continues @ BusinessWorld , click here to continue reading….

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