Coursera users say they get career benefits, but can’t cite specifics

Alyssa Huntley for FierceCIO writes: Coursera, the online education platform, found that while just over half of its students take classes in order to advance their careers, few could cite tangible career benefits.

52 percent of people who participated in a survey that Coursera released today were looking to advance their careers and were called “the career builders.” Of those, 87 percent reported career benefits. However, only 33 percent reported seeing tangible career benefits, like a pay raise, promotion or new job.

Researchers at Coursera, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington surveyed nearly 52,000 people who had completed Coursera courses. Users looking to advance their careers and those looking to advance their education were both surveyed for the report.   SNIP, the article continues @ FierceCIO, click here to continue reading….

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