Coursera, Udacity And The Future of Credentials

Ryan Craig for Forbes writes:  The term “science project” means different things to different people. To a science or engineering professional, it may connote a grand ambition like the Apollo Program that landed men on the moon. To the general public, it probably means grade school projects on which children (and parents) spend countless hours. To investors, science projects are companies trying to solve important problems, but perhaps not seeing any payoff in a meaningful timeframe.

For me, “science project” takes me back to 10th grade biology. Our assignment was to report on a real world example of biological science. ‎I chose to visit the Toronto sewage treatment plant and wrote my report on the workings of the plant, with a focus on the little understood difference between scum and sludge: Sludge settles on the bottom and needs to be scraped up; scum floats to the top and needs to be skimmed off.

There are two critical science projects underway in higher education. First and most important is figuring out how to use technology to significantly improve developmental/remedial education. This is related to about a thousand things currently happening in K-12 education. The answer will undoubtedly involve adaptive learning and gamification, and perhaps immersive learning as well. This science project is at the top of everybody’s list.  SNIP, the article continues @ Forbes, click here to continue reading…..

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