Coursera survey finds its courses are a boon to emerging economy workers

Marco della Cava for USA Today writes:  Online classes offer a tangible benefit to job seekers, particularly those in emerging economies, according to a survey released Tuesday by massive open online course pioneer Coursera.

Of the 51,954 Coursera users surveyed, 87% reported that taking online classes either made them better equipped for a current job or improved their candidacy for a new position. Of those pursuing the platform’s MOOC courses for educational purposes,  88% reported benefits ranging from building knowledge in their current field of study to improving prospects for college admission.

Perhaps not surprisingly, those who identified themselves as being from emerging economy nations such as India reported slightly higher career benefits. These findings in particular point a way forward for Coursera, which was founded in 2012 byStanford University professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller with a $16 million funding round from venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and NEA.

“These results speak to the narrative that we are only serving those who don’t need the help, mainly college graduates” in first-world countries, says co-founder Koller. “While the majority of those using our platform are educated, it’s clear that those from emerging economies often benefit more. That will help shape our strategy, which will include increasing our outreach overseas.   SNIP, the article continues @ USA Today, click here to continue reading….

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