ChalkStreet: An eLearning Startup with a Vision to Make a Social Difference

Sujata Sangwan for writes: Started in June 2015 by Venkata Raghulan, Rajesh Kumar and Tyagarajan Sundaresan, Bengaluru-based ChalkStreet is an online learning platform, where teachers and experts across the country can connect with millions of learners. Users can choose free online courses in their favorite topics and experience learning. The startup provides courses for users who are looking to upskill themselves for a new job, preparing for a competitive exam, planning to become an entrepreneur, and trying to stay healthy or follow their passion by learning a new art form.

What ChalkStreet Do?

The company has authors who have built courses on the topics including design, photography, placement preparation, programming, excel, health & fitness, musical instruments, spoken language and many more.

On ChalkStreet platform, users can find hundreds of courses, tutorials and guides when they want and experience a way to learn which consists of video lectures, presentations, flash cards and articles. Also, users can save course offline and access them whenever they want even without network connectivity as they travel. The startup allows users to engage in discussions on courses, find and follow friends and stay updated on their learning journeys.   SNIP, the article continues @, click here to continue reading….

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