Understand CFRE: Exploiting the Fundraiser Certification Courses

Founded in 2001, CFRE International is an independent nonprofit organization whose sole mission is dedicated to setting standards in philanthropy through a valid and reliable certification process for fundraising professionals. In this topic, we are going in-depth to understand CFRE and a step-by-step guide to achieving your goal to become one. Understanding how to make the most of the fundraiser certification courses available and capitalizing on them is the key.

Table of questions covered in this blog:

Let’s eavesdrop on a conversation between Ben and Linda to know more.

Ben: What is the CFRE designation and why is it important in the field of fundraising?

Linda: The CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive is a voluntary credential that is recognized worldwide. The CFRE signifies confident, ethical fundraising professional. It is how today’s fundraiser shows accountability, service, and commitment to making a difference for good. I believe the CFRE credential is vital to a fundraiser’s professional growth and that it sets the standard for ethical practice in the sector.

Ben: How many CFREs are there?

Linda: There are more than 7,600 fundraising professionals from over 25 countries who are currently CFREs.

Ben: Why do employers prefer to hire CFREs?

Linda: When I received my CFRE, most employers did not recognize the benefits of hiring CFREs, in fact, most did not even know what the designation was. Today, 54% of CFREs receive employer support towards their initial certification fees and 60% of employers put money towards the continuing education required for certification. These employers know that by investing in their staff, they are investing in their fundraising department’s future success. Research shows that accredited certification programs are consistently preferred by employers because they drive quality and improve results.

Ben: What is the process like?

Linda: To earn CFRE certification, fundraising professionals must meet education, professional practice, and professional performance requirements; pass a comprehensive exam on best practices in ethical fundraising, and attest that they are knowledgeable and abide by the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising as well as laws governing fundraising in their region of practice.

Ben: What do current CFREs say about the CFRE designation?

Linda: Over 90 percent of current CFREs said they would recommend becoming a CFRE to a colleague, citing increased opportunities for career advantages and advancement. 

Ben: Can the CFRE help you land a better job?

Linda: CFRE certification can give you the “edge” when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. That’s why 89 percent of CFREs say the certification has enhanced their professional opportunities. Holding a professional certification gives you exceptional leverage when negotiating your next package. In fact, 83% of CFREs say earning their CFRE has had value in increasing their salary

Ben: How did the CFRE process help you in your career?

Linda: Like many others, I felt that the CFRE was a personal and professional achievement I wanted to attain. Holding a CFRE shows that you have displayed mastery of the field by meeting the requirements and standards set in philanthropy. Nearly 99% of CFREs say earning their CFRE gave them a sense of personal achievement.

Top reasons to take fundraiser certification courses

Ben: Did people value your consulting services more because you held the CFRE?

Linda: Yes, when I originally received my CFRE, and then later when I attained the ACFRE designation, I felt I had the edge over my competition. And I am not alone. More than 93% of CFREs say they have gained increased recognition from peers by earning their certification.

Ben: How will this fundraiser certification course help you attain the CFRE?

Linda: This course covers all the basics covered in the CFRE exam and more. You’ll learn about various methods of fundraising; the role of the board, staff, and volunteers in fundraising; strategic and development planning; ethics in fundraising; and more.

Ben: Does this course provide CEU credit which will count toward the education I need to apply for the CFRE?

Linda: Yes, the course is approved for 16 CFRE points.

Ben: Do I have to take the course in person on assigned dates?

Linda: No, you can take the course on-demand from the comfort of your home or office, at your own pace. That’s the convenience online learning offers.

Ben: Do you have any references from people who have taken the course?

Linda: Yes (provide them with the reference from our live attendee)

Ben: Do I have access to the instructor, if I have any questions?

Linda: Yes, you can email me anytime at Linda@LindaLysakowski.com.

Ben: What if I would like to learn more on any of the course topics?

Linda: We also offer more intense courses on most of the fundraising training course topics. (Check out the link to ‘Linda Lysakowski’s profile‘ on Guruface.com to explore all courses available.)

Ben: How do I sign up?

Linda: https://bit.ly/3DHwyHs

Hope you got a good awareness about the fundraiser certification courses provided by Linda Lysakowski through Guruface. Check out our training platform for more job-oriented courses. Have a good day.

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