5 Techniques for Online Course Creators to Get More Sales

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The success of a best selling online course depends on different factors. Completing your online course is one thing, making sure that it sells is another. If you’re sick and tired of creating online courses that others are ignoring, then it’s high time that you give your course development process a closer look. Are there important elements that you are neglecting that would help increase your sales? Are your enrollees sharing your online course to their networkThese are just some o...

Why Creating an Online Course Isn’t Rocket Science

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Most publishers tend to get overwhelmed by the thought of creating an online course. And it’s during these occasions when they start to procrastinate, or they tend to disregard the prospect of having to create one - just because of the sheer hassle of it. You can probably relate to that, can you? Look. If you answered my question with a “yes”, but you somehow still have not given up on the thought of creating an online course of your own, then allow me to share with you these 4 ti...

How businesses can benefit from learning websites

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The traditional education system cannot keep up and people need to continue to learn to progress in their careers. The phenomenal increase in online learning across the UK shows that for many, building skills online is the answer they seek. In this blog, we will be discussing how businesses can utilize the services of learning websites and help users in online learning. What are people learning online? In the last year, we have seen a 140% increase in the number of online courses taken in...