How to Write an Effective Cover Letter that Will Get Your Hired. – Part 3

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter
Note - We’re in our 3rd and final installation of our “How to Write an Effective Cover Letter” series. If you missed reading the previous posts, you can read the first post here, and the second one here. If you’re reading this, then you must’ve enjoyed reading the first 2 posts that I shared about how to write an effective cover letter. Great! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading them. Table of Content Keep 'em short and crisp. Mention someone famous in their industry. Inser...

Get the Most Out of Your Campaigns Using Content Marketing Strategies & Tips

Value. I want it. You want it. Your neighbors want it. And even your grandma’s cat Lucy wants it too. We all want to squeeze as much value as we can out of something, don’t we? I’m pretty sure that as a business owner, you also want the same thing out of your content. After all, creating quality content can be quite time-consuming, let alone expensive if you’ll pay someone else to do it. So that’s what we’re going to talk about right now. We’re going to talk about the 6 effecti...