Benefits outweigh downsides in case for online learning

Reagan Williams for writes: For many students at Arkansas State and across the country, online learning has significantly impacted their success in earning a college degree.

Arkansas State recently added four online Bachelor of Arts degree programs, one of which happens to be my major. Now, students at A-State have access to online political science, criminology, sociology and communication studies degree programs.

This spring, the university is launching a master’s degree program in Engineering Management.

Currently, there are almost 3,000 students enrolled online at Arkansas State. The reasons so many students enroll online are numerous.

Online learners are privy to flexible hours. Many students opt to take courses online because the hours are flexible. Going to class at a specific time seems simple to some students. But for students who work full-time jobs, have spouses or children, or have other specific time commitments, class schedules can be much more complicated.

Additionally, spending less time in class frees up time to get involved in other time-consuming activities on campus.  SNIP, the article continues @, click here to continue reading….

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