7 Ways Soft Skills Training Can Propel Your Business Growth

importance of soft skills for organizations
What is the Importance of Soft Skills for Business Growth? It is generally observed that most business organizations focus on hard skills when it comes to hiring. Although these hard skills are important, soft skills mustn’t be ignored. After all, an employee can only express himself or herself well when he or she has soft skills. These soft skills enable them to work as a team, grow as an individual, and contribute to the success of the organization in a better way. You can refer to an earl...

8 Important Soft Skills For Career And Your Personal Growth

importance of softskills
8 Important Soft Skills For Career And Your Personal Growth A hard skill like programming, marketing, and campaign management, SEO/SEM marketing, data mining, and mobile development may help you ace a job. However, soft skills will help you grow in a job. The term soft skills stand for personal traits and habits that shape your relationships at the workplace. In 2017, a study by Harvard student David J. Deming concluded that jobs demanding soft skills or social skills have grown by 12% betwe...

8 Popular Interview Questions on UFT for SAP Testing Answered

interview questions on UFT for SAP testing automation
Important Interview Questions On UFT For SAP Testing Answered Flexibility, scalability, and efficiency are a few factors that drive the demand for SAP among businesses. Having said that, the SAP implementation is never easy and the businesses considering it needs to focus on multiple factors including the testing effectiveness of solutions. Table of Content: What are the tools used for SAP Testing? Why use UFT over other tools for SAP testing? What are the business benefits of SA...

Robot Framework – Things You Must Know About

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Things you need to know about Robot Framework are listed in a Question & Answer session It is quite sure that we dreamed of building and operating or simply operating a robot at some point in our lives. With that dream or its remnants subtly embedded in our consciousness, the term robot framework may be like a framework that helps you build or operate robots. Isn’t it? However, this is not the case, the term has nothing to do with any robot, although it sounds similar.This framework has ...