Tried And Tested Tips to Get Rid of the Writer’s Block – Part 2

writer's block
Note - If you missed part one of this 3-part series, then you can click this link to access the previous post. Did you take the time to implement the tips that I shared on the previous post? If you didn’t, then I urge you to give them a try right now, before you even start reading this second installment of our series. However, if you feel like the tips that I shared previously aren’t resonating with you, allow me to continue with these second set of tips. Let’s carry on from where...

Tried And Tested Tips to Get Rid of the Writer’s Block – Part 1

writers block final
I know. It’s nerve-racking -- writer’s block, that is. With how valuable content has become for businesses and consumers, it has become the perfect time for writers to make a living out of their skill. Of course, the more articles the writers can push out, the more income they earn. You can probably relate to that, huh? While the statement above is certainly true, thinking that being a writer is all daisies and butterflies is a terrible mistake. Writers contend with a very serious chal...

How to Get More Jobs Online, Without Having to Send Another Application Letter

jobs online
Note: This guide is for those freelancers who already have existing clients. If you are still starting and are looking to land your first job, then this guide might not be ideal for you. Nope. This isn’t one of those articles where you’ll read cookie-cutter-tips like, “submit guest posts”, or “publish articles regularly”. The strategies that I will share with you are actionable, easy to implement, and are effective. If you’re looking for how to earn online through jobs online without having...

2 Things that are Preventing you from Succeeding as an Online Instructor. And How to Get Over Them.

2 things that preventing you from succeeding as an online instructor
This article isn’t like the usual posts that I’ve been publishing. The ideas aren’t THAT specific, nor are they actionable. However... While this post might not be an actionable “How-to” guide, I promise you that reading this might be one of the most important things that you’ll ever need to do, as you try your hand at becoming an online instructor. We’re going to talk about your struggles as an online instructor -- whether you’ve articulated them in your mind's or not. These s...

How to Get Positive Reviews for Your Online Course

Positive Reviews
Getting positive reviews for your online course is not that much of a difficult task. By following certain tips you can also get positive reviews. Here are some tips for that. Lets hope in. Table of content 1.Give free access to your course to a limited number of users, in exchange for reviews. 2.Ask for positive reviews within your course. 3.Run a contest. Make the reviews part of the contest’s entry requirements. What’s next? The other day, I was reading a sales copy ...

How to Succeed at Finding Customers as an Online Freelancer. No, Really!

Warning: This guide is brutally detailed. If you’re an online freelancer and you’re looking for a proven and tested strategy to find more clients online, then you’d better buckle off… I get it. There are gazillions of articles talking about how to find a client as a freelancer. If you’ve done your fair share of reading, however, you’ll find that a good number of these guides are sharing tips that are so vague and cookie-cutter, they’re pretty much useless. Not. This. One. What ...

How to Ask for a Pay Raise – And Get Approved

Pay raise
There are those that work their butts off day and night, yet when pay day comes, the amount they receive is barely enough to put food on their tables. That’s tough, isn’t it? And you are not able to ask for a pay raise? I mean, if you’ve been working all day long yet all you’ll get is money that’s barely enough to pay for your bills, then you’d never enjoy your life. You’d just end up becoming drained from all the work, all while ONLY managing to keep yourself afloat. Don’t let this happ...

Get the Most Out of Your Campaigns Using Content Marketing Strategies & Tips

Value. I want it. You want it. Your neighbors want it. And even your grandma’s cat Lucy wants it too. We all want to squeeze as much value as we can out of something, don’t we? I’m pretty sure that as a business owner, you also want the same thing out of your content. After all, creating quality content can be quite time-consuming, let alone expensive if you’ll pay someone else to do it. So that’s what we’re going to talk about right now. We’re going to talk about the 6 effecti...

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Sell Online Courses – Guruface

Influencer Marketing to Sell Online Courses
I talked to my friend last night (he also sells online courses), here’s how our conversation went: My friend: Been marketing the heck out of my online courses, but I’m not getting any visitors on my website unless I use paid ads. It’s expensive. It sucks. Me: I used to struggle with the same thing. What kind of marketing methods have you been using? Ever tried influencer marketing? My friend: Yep. Didn’t work for me. Because I’m a nobody online, they’re just ignoring me like I’m a ...

Get Higher Email Open Rates Using These Simple, Yet Highly Effective Marketing Tips

Email Open Rates
Yes. You can stop seeing depressing email open rates, very time you look at your email marketing analytics. There IS a way to get more people to open your email messages, and these methods aren’t rocket science either. But why am I talking to you about email open rates, you might ask? The thing is, I know that a good number of business owners are struggling with getting real results from their email marketing campaigns. They’ve had the good sense of building their list, but when they try...