6 Cloud-Based Learning Platforms That Can Help Educate Your Workforce

Adam Toren for Entrepereur writes:  Online education is rising in popularity. The global market volume for elearning is already at $91 billion and is projected to grow 20 percent annually through 2017, according to Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

The rise in elearning popularity and demand is likely tied to the growth of cloud technology, as businesses and educational institutions alike have turned to the cloud. Cloud-based systems are the perfect environment for a virtual classroom as they offer seamless access to information, easily sharable data and foster a means for tracking multi-user collaboration.

Learning platforms were traditionally static software-based courses filled with single-source content and at best patchy technology options for collaborating. Today, online-learning platforms are flexible, dynamic and can be accessed on the user’s preferred device, including smartphones and tablets. Content can also come from a variety of sources, including crowdsourcing, making the information more dynamic and varied for learning.

Online-learning platforms offer entrepreneurs and businesses a flexible, but frameworked method for ensuring they and their staffs are getting the training they need. Many solutions offer fully customizable white-label systems so you can create and set up courses exclusively branded for your business. SNIP, the article continues here, click to continue reading….

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