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The success of a best selling online course depends on different factors. Completing your online course is one thing, making sure that it sells is another. If you’re sick and tired of creating online courses that others are ignoring, then it’s high time that you give your course development process a closer look.

Are there important elements that you are neglecting that would help increase your sales? Are your enrollees sharing your online course to their networkThese are just some of the important questions that we will talk about and address.

This article discusses about some important sales techniques for online course creators to create best selling online course. Let’s hop right in:

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1. Use a carefully crafted sales copy.

No matter how amazing your online course is, if you do not have a compelling enough sales copy to back it up, the chances of your sales skyrocketing is close to nil. Remember that there are millions of online courses and ebooks published on the web. With that kind of competition, you need to be able to explain to your audience how your course is worth their time. And one of the best ways to do that is through a compelling sales copy. While there are several sales techniques that can help improve a sales copy’s conversion rate, here’s my one best tip for you.

Talk about your audience’s problems. Then rub it in their faces.

If you’ve been into sales, or if you’ve studied quite a bit about conversion optimization, you will realize how emotions are what makes people act, not logic. And that is why this technique is so effective. It makes people emotional.

When you tell your audience about their problems, you’ll remind them of the hurts and inconveniences that they’ve experienced. This makes them emotional. This reminds them of how they’ll never want to experience that specific problem again, making them want to learn about the solution. Of course, your online course holds the solution that they are looking for. And that will compel them want to enroll.

2. Add actionable tips.

Clarity is another point important in sales techniques. This one word plays such a crucial role if you don’t want to frustrate your enrollees. On the flip side of the coin, clarity can also make your enrollees love you.

If your tips are vague, your audience will end up having more questions as they go along your course. That’s the opposite of what your course should be doing-mind you. Your course should be enlightening them, and giving them answers to the questions that they had in mind. Not the other way around. That being said, you need to make your tips as actionable as it can be. That way, as they read along your course, they won’t ask the question, “how do I do that?”

They’ll be able to go through your course, and be armed with the information that they need to actually do the things that they need to do. Here’s an example. If you’re teaching your audience how to get more clients through Linkedin, you can give your audience an advice that’s vague like, “Optimize your Linkedin profile”. As you can probably imagine, your audience will end up asking the question, “How do I optimize my profile?”

Now compare giving your audience a vague tip like that, with something like this, “Optimize your Linkedin profile by adding your keywords on your professional headline, by uploading a video on your summary talking about the benefits that your…”

At this point, I’m sure you can see how the latter tip is better than the former.

3. Add weave in your personal story in the course.

Everyone loves to hear rags-to-riches stories. It inspires the readers. It helps establish a strong connection between the online course creator and those enrolled to it.

Remember, while the quality of your content is important, the way you present it to your audience is just as important. Instead of making your course sound one-sided where you’re bombarding them with important information (which will most likely bore them to death), why not add your personal experience? Why not weave in compelling questions that would make them reflect about their situation, ultimately making them emotional?

We’ve already established how making your audience emotional can do you wonders, right?

When you weave in your personal experience, there’s a good chance that your audience will be able to relate. This acceptance opens avenues toward best selling online courses. At the back of their minds, they might end up thinking, “That happened to me too…” And because they can relate, they become even more receptive to what you have to say. When your audience is in a state where they’ve lowered their defenses, it becomes easier for them to accept your ideas, making the knowledge transfer from your brain to theirs a lot easier. This results to them having a pleasant experience learning from you.

4. Make sure that your course is carefully formatted.

Online course creators should consider the format of the course carefully to get attention from the audience. If your enrollees see a huge block of text on the pages of your course, you can bet your family jewels that it can easily compel them to click away.

When an online course creator your course is crafted without any subheadings, bullet points, and proper spacing, it can cause your enrollees to be overwhelmed. They’ll find your course to be unreasonably burdensome to read, just because it looks burdensome. However, if your course is properly formatted, it’s readability improves. It becomes a lot easier for your enrollees to consume your content. When your course is broken down to bite-sized-pieces, your enrollees can munch through it effortlessly making the learning process more fun.

5. Ask your audience to share your course.

Don’t just ask them one time. Sprinkle your call-to-action multiple times within your course on places where it makes sense.

What do I mean by that, you might ask?

When I said, “makes sense” I’m talking about the places where you’ve added TONS of value. I’m talking about the places where you’ve thrown your Sunday punches. That way, as you give them that life-changing advice, they won’t feel annoyed by you if you ask them to share your course. More than that, since they’ve just had an “AHA!” moment from reading your tips, they will want to reciprocate your goodness by helping you through sharing your course.

According to Robert Cialdini’s Six Key Principles of Influence, reciprocity is a potent tool that you can use to influence others. When you make use of this technique which is based on human psychology, there’s a good chance that you can elicit the kind of reaction that you’re looking for from your audience. As you can probably imagine, if all of your enrollees will take the time to share your course, you’ll get way better sales.


Sure, this guide isn’t the end-all and be-all guide to creating a best selling online course. I’ll be the first one to admit that there are several others sales techniques that you can use that will make your course sell like hot cakes. However, I promise you that if all online course creators follow the tips that I shared, you are bound to see better sales results from your online courses.

It’s your time to share.

Have you ever sold online courses that have gotten you bajillions of enrollees? What are the things that you feel made it successful? What do you think are the things that can cause an online course to flop?

If you’d like to share your ideas, please do so in the comments section below. Cheers!

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