3 Ways to Gain Coding Skills in Online Courses | Online avenues to up your coding skills range from free to costly and from low-key to intensive.

Jordan Friedman for USNews & World Report writes:  In the digital age, learning coding skills is becoming a great way to change career paths or boost your resume, experts say.

As technology advances, coding classes online are growing tremendously in popularity, whether it’s free and low-cost programs or computer programming certificates and full degree options offered through colleges and universities.

“More and more businesses – whether it’s journalism, law or container shipping – are being upended by technology,” says Zach Sims, CEO and co-founder of Codecademy​, an online platform that offers free coding classes. “By understanding coding you are able to understand those changes and contribute to that sequence of changes.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, 1.4 million new computing jobs will exist in the U.S., but so will only 400,000 computer science students.

 “There’s a need for that and a trend toward training in that area,” says Dara Warn, chief product and strategy officer at Penn Foster, which offers a certificate in computer programming languages. “Coding is a creative outlet for people who are more technically inclined.”

It’s crucial to choose the right type of coding class to meet your specific needs.  SNIP, the article continues @ US News, click here to continue reading….

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