23 Awesome Websites for Learning New Skills (Online)

Joshua Jackson @ LinkedIn writes:  The wise among us know that in order to progress in life, it’s necessary to keep on learning, and not just from our mistakes.

No, all of us need to expand our knowledge and skills as we age so that we gain a more rounded understanding of the world and everything in it. These days, that’s easier to do than ever, thanks to the enormous information trove right at our fingertips: the internet.

Perhaps you can’t cook and would just love to astound your friends and family with an incredible dinner – only you can never find the time to attend that evening class or head to the bookshop for some kind of guide. Or how about astonishing your husband or wife with the “sudden” ability to speak German during your upcoming trip to Berlin? But maybe you haven’t a clue where to start.

Whatever you’d like to do, there’s no need to fret; just fire up your computer and browse all the incredibly useful sites online – most of what they offer is free.   SNIP, the article continues @ LinkedIn, click here to continue reading…..

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