12 Learning Sites to Go to Level Yourself Up and Get Ahead In Your Career

SUJAN PATEL for Inc writes: Business is changing at a rapid fire pace every day. Twenty years ago, the internet was barely alive. Google hadn’t even registered their domain name yet, and MySpace and your top 8 friends on MySpace didn’t exist yet. Ten years ago, we found out practically everyone liked sunsets, kitten videos and long walks on the beach.Now, we live in a world of 140 character Tweets and marketing campaigns targeted to last a few seconds, because that’s all the attention we can spare when we’re online.

Today, taking a day off from the digital world means falling behind and missing out. And opting out of the digital lifestyle altogether means exiling yourself from career opportunities and letting the competition outpace you. Fortunately there are ways to stay up to date and gain an edge over tomorrow’s competition. If you are looking to move up in your career, check out these 12 learning sites to help you level-up and get ahead in the workforce.

1. Code Academy

As the name implies, Code Academy teaches you to fluently write code. Everything from simple HTML to more advanced languages including PHP and jQuery are covered. Code Academy has helped more than 24 million people learn the ropes of coding. The best part? It’s free.

2. General Assembly/Dash

The goal of General Assembly (and Dash) is to “transform thinkers into creators”. It’s a dream come true for an entrepreneur hungry to learn and even hungrier to get ahead. The site covers subjects like web development, marketing, product design and management, and business fundamentals.

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