12 Best Online Courses for Starting a Business / Start your business right with these incredible online courses.

Ryan Robinson for About.com writes:  Starting a business is no easy feat. Especially if you’re trying to pull it off while you hold onto your day job.From learning how to prioritize your efforts (and limited resources) on what matters most at the beginning, to becoming a stand-out marketer, and building the skills that’ll help your business succeed, these essential online business courses will teach you how to launch successfully today.

Here are my picks for the 12 best online courses for starting a business.

1. Launching an Online Business with Lewis Howes. In this course on CreativeLive, entrepreneur and author, Lewis Howes gives you a foundation to building a profitable online business, based on your own unique skill sets. From idea to launch, Lewis shares his proven strategies for building authority, generating online press, writing viral articles, attracting influencers, and leveraging online communities to start your business with a bang.

2. Minimum Viable Product: Validate Your Business Idea for Less Than $1,000 with Michael Karnjanaprakorn. This course, taught by the CEO of Skillshare, a rapidly growing online education platform, takes you step-by-step through the incredibly important process of learning how to validate a business idea without breaking the bank. It’s a must for anyone looking to start a business in a completely new space.

3. The Lean Startup with Eric Ries. Taught by the NY Times best-selling author of the book baring the same name, this course is designed to give you a foundation to minimizing work, while maximizing output during the startup phase of your new business.    It’s a field-tested philosophy that provides you with a toolset to help reduce your chances of failure and increase the probability of success with your concept.

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