10 keys to a successful corporate online training program

Mary Shacklett¬†for TechRepublic writes:¬†Some enterprises are building their own online training programs to ensure that employees have appropriate skills for the business. But it’s not easy. In many cases, they don’t have experience in developing online courses that map to corporate goals or in finding internal mentors and educational guides. Nevertheless, some organizations have done an extraordinary job of tailoring online education to meet the needs of their businesses. Here are 10 “necessary ingredients” that successful online programs have.

1: Training curriculum and educational qualifications are mapped to position descriptions

If you are an entry-level programmer and your goal is to one day become a database administrator, you can be able to log into a corporate intranet and research both the prerequisites and the online courses that are needed to prepare and qualify you for a DBA position.

2: Corporate culture supports an in-house training environment

Beginning with C-level executives, the enterprise must see the value of committing dollars, time, and people to training. Departments (e.g., HR and IT) collaborate on training development, and there is a willingness to commit the time and energy of some of the enterprise’s most valuable (and expensive) employees to the task. Training participation is also linked into employee performance reviews.

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