10 Interesting Facts about Robots

Humans are always curious in finding new facts and discovering new possibilities. Robots are one of the biggest inventions of our time. They are so common today that people even consider them as replacements for real humans in various areas. From homes to military environments, robots are now widely used across the globe. Even though we are familiar with these machines, there are plenty of facts that still amaze us. Here are 10 robot facts that we are sure will make you go wow!

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Table of contents

  1. Did you know that eating fresh tomatoes can help you feel less worn out?
  2. Did you Know Robots can run faster than cheetahs?
  3. Did you know, Robots do even get citizenship?
  4. Did you know Robots Can Live in Space?
  5. Did you know that robots have feelings too?
  6. Did you know the difference between Cyborg and a Robot?
  7. Did you know that EATR Are robots that get their fuel from the vegetation?
  8. Did you know that we will have microbots in the future that can swim inside the human body for a biopsy?
  9. Did you know that Artificial intelligence & Robotics can overtake Humans?
  10. Did you know, Even you can Build robots & AI systems as we discussed above?

Let us discover fun facts about robots here!

1. Did you know that eating fresh tomatoes can help you feel less worn out?

A Japanese vegetable juice firm developed a robot Tomatan which is an 18-pound robot that rests on your shoulders and offers you tomatoes while you run. More than robot facts, it’s the application of the technology that made us interested here. In a previous blog, we explained the interesting applications and working principles of IR sensors. In all electronic devices we use daily, there are certain interesting technology used.

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2. Did you know Robots can run faster than cheetahs?

The KAIST MSC Lab in Korea has created the KAIST Raptor, a remarkably quick bipedal robot with a tail modeled after the Velociraptor genus of dinosaurs. A recent video shows the robot jogging on a treadmill at almost 28 miles per hour. When navigating over tall barriers, the tail shape offers stability.
To get a better idea about the robotics technology and different components that are enabling robotics projects to work like a charm, you can take a look at our blog ‘What is Arduino and How to Learn It‘.

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3. Did you know, Robots do even get citizenship?

A sociable humanoid robot named Sophia became the first robot to receive citizenship from Saudi Arabia on October 25, 2017. This robot mimics human facial emotions and gestures while also using facial recognition technology and visual data processing. In this list of robot facts, the 5th one justifies this citizenship move to some extent.

Sophia - first humanoid robot - Guruface blog - Robot facts

4. Did you know Robots can live in space?

So far, NASA has launched five robotic rovers to the planet Mars. They were given the names Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance. These robots are known as rovers. Rovers are specialized in moving around and have wheels. They set foot on Mars’ surface and drive to various locations. Scientists use rovers to further their understanding of the composition of the planet’s various regions.

The Makeblock mBot is a similar kind of robot with great learning functionality.

Robotic rovers - Guruface blog

5. Did you know that Robots have feelings too?

The most recent robots not only appear more and more like people but can also recognize and react to our emotions, despite the fact that they are obviously mechanical and cannot reply to or reciprocate your feelings. ‘Sentient Robots’ are programmed to be conscious using artificial intelligence. Sensors are behind the big share of the unique capabilities robots and modern machines are boasting. Our blog ‘What is an accelerometer and how it works‘ gives you a good idea on that topic.

Some of the fun facts about robots in this list will make us think about how our future will be, as these technological creatures are getting as advanced as us day by day. If you have the same feeling, the 9th in this robot facts list will terrify you for sure!

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6. Did you know the difference between Cyborg and a Robot?

     The existence of life distinguishes cyborgs from robots. A robot is essentially a highly developed machine. It frequently involves automation and hardly has any connection with people. Cyborgs, in contrast, are a hybrid of a machine and a living being. It doesn’t have to be a person; it may be a dog, a bird, or anything else that lives.

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Cyborgs are alive but robots can only mimic some elements of biological things, they can never fully be alive. Professor Kevin Warwick is the first cyborg in history. He utilizes chips in his arm to remotely manipulate doors, an artificial hand, and an electronic wheelchair.

Mankind always wanted to know the unknown and experience new things. There is a similar effort and curiosity behind the invention of airplanes. Our blog ‘What makes Airplanes Fly: The Science of Flying‘ have some interesting information regarding the same.

7. Did you know that EATRs are Robots that get their fuel from the vegetation?

 Robotic Technology Inc’s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) is a Military Robot built to carry out tasks without the need for upkeep or recharging by gathering its own fuel from the environment. Biomass, such as dead trees, and plants would be all that the EATR would require for power. We found this to be the most amazing one in this list of interesting facts about robots.

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8. Did you know that we will have Microbots in the future that can swim inside the human body for a biopsy?

A few researchers are going on in Australia to build a tiny robot that could imitate the way E. coli bacteria swim. It would be administered to a patient in order to do an internal biopsy.

Microbots is going to revolutionize future healthcare technology - Guruface blog

9. Did you know that Artificial Intelligence & Robotics can overtake Humans?

Hans Moravec predicts that by the year 2040, robot intelligence will match our humans. After then, they will replace us as the main type of life on Earth. Elon Musk warned that artificial intelligence is likely to surpass humans in the following five years in yet another cautionary statement. He predicted that by the year 2025, artificial intelligence would surpass human intelligence by a wide margin. Even though we listed this out among robot facts, this sounds more like a warning to the human future. Don’t you think?

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10. Did you know, even you can Build Robots & AI systems as we discussed above?

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